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Melissa's Serial Review - - Filthy 1, 2 & 3 by Megan D. Martin

5 Friggen Stars!!! (I'd give it an 11 if GoodReads would let me!!)

Megan D. Martin... What the hell am I going to do with you???  Your Filthy Serials have my emotions all over the place.  I've tried on multiple occasions to write separate reviews that do the first three releases justice...But. I. Just. Can't....  
Instead I am going to write a 1st half series review... It's the only way I can do them justice without giving away the whole damn story....

Filthy 1 (Filthy, #1)

Sooo..... Faye Turner...She is a rock star of a main character but for the reasons you think....  She is a 19 year old drug addict and prostitute... (Doesn't sound like much of a rock star, huh?)  Well, here is why she is so amazing.... She left.  Yep, it's that simple.  She left a cushy life to be homeless.  She left her family to become a coke fiending prostitute.  But it's why she left that makes her so strong... (ahh.. but I am not going to tell you why... You must read to find out...)

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Faye has found a way to live her life on her own terms... Is it Filthy?  Absolutely, but she knows it is better than her alternative.  (Ready, now here comes the twist.... Wait for it...)  What do you think happens to our little Faye when her past comes screeching back into present... Especially when the past that is staring at her happens to be Rhett, the boy stole her heart?  (Did I mention that Rhett is also her Step-Brother??)  So yea, Rhett.... comes back with earth shattering news and the intention of taking Faye back to the life she left years ago.... Oh... and I almost forgot to mention the undeniable sexual tension between Faye and Rhett.  It is damn near tangible... Dirty, dirty... 

Now on to Filthy 2.... Megan once again does not disappoint... (Who am I kidding... This chick's writing is pure gold...)  Anyway...

Faye finds herself right smack dab in the middle of the life she HAD to run away from... From the life that turned her into the addict she had become... She yearns for the one thing that can numb her hurt, cocaine.  Between the smothering sexual tension between her and her precious Step-Brother and being faced with Taylor, the man who destroyed her when he should have been protecting her, I was dying to see how this would play out... 

Megan gives us a unabridged look into Faye's childhood.  She shows us exactly what gruesome events lead to her dismantling.  If you thought for one second this story couldn't get more twisted... You were WRONG!  My heart bled for Faye.  I felt murderous while reading the horrors she lived through.  But my feelings were resolved a bit by the fact that Rhett was willing to help her... Okay, okay... I am rambling now... I'll just leave you with this... Filthy 2 is a must read... It's painful but captivating... 
Filthy 3 (Filthy, #3)

So here we are at the midpoint to this Filthy Serial... And the hits keep coming.  I didn't think it was possible for Megan to make this serial more F'ed up but she somehow managed to do it...(& quite well, I may add...)  

So now what happens...?  Ah, yes... Faye left.. She grabbed her stuff and rolled.  Back to her life banging men in the parking lot of the local truck stop for money to buy coke to feed her demon... Or so she thought.  Mere hours after arriving back to the life that is safer than the alternative, she is face to face again with those green eyes...  Those eyes hold a firestorm of emotion when focused on Faye.  She isn't sure if Rhett is going to hurt her or bend her over where she stands.  (And to be quite honest... I don't think he knows either...)  After a super heated exchange he goes all caveman and tosses Faye into his vehicle and sweeps her back to the life she so vehemently despises...  One problem... Faye is lacking the one thing that her body needs to function.  She knows what she has to do to remedy this problem.... What is it you ask,( well, lets just say Megan some how grasped EXACTLY what any addict would do in a dire situation...) Faye had to get her fix by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  

Ugh.. My skin crawled as I read this installment.  Faye was quite literally willing to crawl back into the belly of the beast to get the drugs her body violently craved.  And that's just the beginning of the story... 

I do have to say by the end of the book I wanted to reach through the screen of my kindle and shake Faye.  Through out the first 2 parts I felt the urge to want to protect her... At the end of this one all of those thoughts we straight out the window.  She had the perfect opportunity to confess everything to Rhett but instead she choose to remain silent.  She protected Taylor even though she knew what the consequences would be...  
So there you have it... That is my super abridged version of Filthy 1,2 &3.... But if you think that covers it, well think again.  I couldn't even begin to touch on the complexity of what Megan has in store for her readers.  Much like an architect, she designed layer upon messed up layer to give this story depth which is usually difficult when it comes to serials.  Each of these stories were around 50 pages but Megan managed to pack so much emotion into that small amount of space.  

It's no secret that I love Megan D. Martin's style and I for sure know you will too after reading Filthy.  Just keep in mind this story is dark and dirty.  It is gripping and heart breaking and there are tons of triggers, so use caution.  But do yourself a favor... Pick these babies up and dive headfirst into the twisted world of Filthy!

Author's Writing Style - - Riveting and Addictive
Female Character - - Filthy and Broken
Male Character - - Confused
Plot Twists - - Hold on to your seat
Laugh Factor - - None!
Cry Factor - - I welled up a few times... 
Steam Factor - - It's steamy but in no way romantic
Violence - - TRIGGER WARNING!  

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