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Jaymee's Review - - Sparrow by Sara Mack

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When Kyle Dayton was seventeen, he lost his heart to Addison Parks. 

It was easy to do. After spending countless summers of boredom with his grandmother at Buhl Lake, Kyle’s world turned upside down the minute Addison appeared. She was unlike any girl he had ever met; she was confident, out-going, and honest. She was beautiful inside and out, and she accepted Kyle for who he was ~ a young man without direction. They shared an amazing summer and, despite living miles apart, Kyle felt sure they had a future. 

Until she vanished without a trace. 

Where did she go? How could she disappear without saying a word? Was everything between them a lie? Unable to answer his own questions, Kyle had no choice other than to bury his memories and move on with his life. Eight years later, his hard work to forget is threatened when he is forced to return to Buhl Lake. Faced with reminders of Addison, Kyle wonders if he will ever discover the truth. 

Little does he know it is about to be revealed. 

Sparrow is the story of finding love, losing it, and the uncertain journey to reclaiming it again. 

** Sparrow is a standalone, contemporary romance for readers 17+ **

5 Stars

Sparrow is a stand alone romance novel by Sara Mack and it was absolutely wonderful from start to finish! I really needed a book like this to help restore my faith in love and fate. This one really pulls at you heartstrings, it is a story of lost love and heartbreak but it is also a story of second chances. If you ever had any doubts that young love could be true love than this book will change your mind, I've never read about a love as deep or real as the love between Kyle and Addison and they were only seventeen. A summer romance of two young lovers who had that forever moment we all want to experience only forever doesn't happen, Addison literally disappeared off the face of the earth. The book starts off with the past, telling us the story of how they met, how they fell in love and then how Addison was never heard from again. Fast forward eight years and Kyle is still destroyed by the girl who had held his heart, he finally returns to the lake where they had spent that fateful summer where he finally finds out the truth. She is very much alive and hadn't willingly disappeared however quite a bit has changed over those eight years, can they be friends? Is their love still alive? Will they be ripped apart by circumstances beyond their control? I can't say exactly how things turn out, you'll have to read it and see but trust me, this is a must read! 

This novel is an emotional roller coaster that will build you up, warm your heart and then rip you apart. Kyle really affected me, he was such a sweet, loving, wonderful young man but when Addison left it destroyed him. He closed himself off and couldn't let go of the past, he loved her so deeply he couldn't get over her. I shed more than a few tears for him because he deserved so much more! While I loved Addison very much there was one thing she did that made me so angry, I understood the reasoning but I really felt like things could have turned out much differently for these two characters! Things are complicated after she returns, circumstances won't allow the two of them to be together so they try to make a friendship work. The author really pulled me into the tension between these two, I could literally feel the awkwardness, the longing, the confusion and the desire that coursed between them. 

Sara Mack created amazing characters that everyone will be able to identify with and emotions that we have all experienced. Who hasn't had a lost love or loved someone they couldn't be with? This story really pulls you in emotionally so be prepared! Every character in this book is amazing and I loved them, they all felt so real that I couldn't help but be sucked into their lives. Sara also delivers quite a few surprising revelations that I never expected! I was riveted to this story from the very beginning, the author's writing style, the characters, the emotions and the killer plot line had me up way past my bed time to finish it! I guarantee I will read more by this author! 

Storyline: Absolutely Amazing
Female Characters: Strong, sweet
Male Characters: his pain broke my heart but he was a really good man!
Author's Writing Style: Captivating
Plot Twists: A few HUGE surprises!
Laugh Factor: none really
Cry Factor: some parts left me a little teary eyed 
Steam Factor: pretty hot
Violence: minimal


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