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Melissa's Review - - Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward


5 Angst filled, Earth Shattering, Soul Crushing Stars!!

6 Days!!! That is how long it has taken me to digest Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward enough to attempt this review.  6 DAYS!!! Prior to this moment my review went a little something like this:

"Hello, sexy stepbrother boy.."

"Okay Wow, what a douche!"

"Aww they are bonding...that's sweet"

"Oh great, back to douche statue.."

Leaving?  Oh my heart...

"Oh man, it's surely getting hott in here.."

"Holy Hannah, that lip ring, though.."

"Yikes, I hope their parents don't wake up...."

"Wait, what?!"

You can't just go...

Heart is shattering...


And that was just part 1...

I have never struggled with a review like I have with this one.  I do not feel as if I can articulate on the sheer emotional magnitude this book holds!  Penelope manages to capture my feelings and I ended up suffering and thriving with both main characters.  I was not only emotionally invested in this book but I felt like I was living this story with Greta and Elec.  I could not shut Stepbrother Dearest off.  Even when I had to perform my mother and wife duties, I found myself wondering what the future held for them.  I loved the premise of this book.  Slightly taboo, forbidden, electric-  gah!  This book!!  (Sorry, sometimes I still am at a loss for words)  The characters were so perfect.  I fell in love with them both and cheered, okay, begged even for a HEA.   

Okay, so the story.... Greta and Elec are step-siblings.  Elec is a MAJOR JERK (but there is reason behind all of that) but Greta makes it her personal goal to not only get him to like her but to trust her. (Did I mention she is uber-attracted to him??)  Elec messes with Greta but as much as Greta wants him to like her, she definitely pushes back.  (I loved the back and forth between them) He does things that he knows will bother her but when he crosses the line and really hurts her feelings he feels like a big ass!  (He also gets into his first fight ever protecting her honor but that's another story!)  Anyway, the seem to bond over homemade ice cream and video games (teenagers, lol) and then REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bond (This scene... yea... It is, well.... worth the build up).  The aftermath is soul shattering.  (I cried like a damn baby.  Like ugly cried..)  


Part 2 is fast forwarded 7 years and major family tragedy bring Elec and Greta back to the place that changed both of their courses.  Their undeniable pull is still there but things have changed.  (Oh, how they have changed!)  Elec exits Greta's life once more and the results are still just a hard to deal with. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE BOOK but.... this is where I am going to leave it.  I've already said to much and if I keep going I won't be able to do it without giving away the ending...

The alternate POV in the second part that gave us some insight into Elec's life and reason.  I really enjoyed learning his secrets with Greta.  I also loved the addition of Sully.  (So flippin funny!!)  

There are so many things about this book that made it so perfect.  Penelope Ward... you've captured my heart.  Your angsty book is a serious work of art.  I can not begin to tell you how much I loved reading it.  I haven't ever been at a loss for words when it comes to giving reviews but you left me speechless.  I know this review does not do this book justice and it just jumbled thought after jumbled thought but I do hope you see how much of an effect it had on me!! (Now excuse me while I one-click some more of your books!!)

Author's Writing Style - - Emotional and addicting
Female Character - - There are so many words I could use to describe her... I'll let the story speak for itself
Male Character - - Holy Hotness!  
Plot Line - - I couldn't get enough
Laugh Factor - - There were some funny parts
Cry Factor - -I cried through more than half of this book... Not all sad cry but still...
Steam Factor - - Scorching!
Violence - - None really 

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