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Guest Book Review by Emersyn Vallis - - Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan


5 Stars!

There is something magical about reading one of Mia Sheridan’s books... It’s as though time stands still and I’m no longer curled up in my favorite chair, with my favorite blanket. I’m transported… absorbed into the pages as the story binds itself to me.

This story was no different. 

This review will be spoiler free because I want the readers to experience the feelings I had when I read it. 

I have to be honest, when I started Becoming Calder I wasn’t 100% sure what this was about but I knew if it was Mia Sheridan then I would be forever changed by it. So when I started reading it I thought, Oh my God, are we going to do this? YUP! We are! I squealed with delight and was instantly sucked in… but not in the way I thought I would be. Mia managed to grab ahold of darkness and light and twist them together into this fascinating work of art that I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from. To say I have a book-hangover is an understatement. I’m in book-shock which is something I’ve never experienced before and I’m pretty sure I will never experience again. 

Calder… Hmm… Where to begin… At first I was a little saddened by him. He was smarter than he should be, more daring than he was allowed to be and he had dreams that he wasn’t supposed to have. He see’s things how they are, not how they’re laid out to be seen and while that made me happy, he was destined to be who he was told to be. He’s obedient to that job, to his family and his community and it broke my heart. While he has a physical strength, his perfect counterbalance Eden has a light in her, a strength that can’t be touched physically or shut off. She’s a force to be reckoned with and Calder knows it. 

Eden… I loved her, she is strong and compassionate and brave. While she might not remember a lot of things from when she was younger all the time, there are moments… triggers that snap something in her mind giving her a glimpse into another world, one far away from where she has been raised, one that lives by different rules and laws. 

The one that’s filled with sinners and pain… or so she’s told.

Eden’s ability to understand things from a different point of view plays a powerful role in her as a character. Because it’s a point of view she wasn’t taught to see things from. For a girl who was raised extremely sheltered she’s smarter than they allowed her to be, because her intelligence comes from a feelings rather than teachings. 

Which could have been her father’s biggest mistake…

You see, Eden has one specific purpose in her life, one designed destiny… she’s a princess amongst her community and held above everyone else to be praised… but she knows there’s more to life than that. She knows there’s more to her existence than what she’s been told and she won’t allow herself to give up her own beliefs and hope to make her dreams come true and to alter her Fate.

So by now you probably know that I’m a huge fan of Mia’s. I mean, I wait with bouncing knees on her release dates, only to read the book in a day and cry not only for the beauty in her story but also because I will never get the chance to read them for the first time. It’s a very bittersweet moment. Mia’s stories are inspirational, she manages to teach us compassion and empathy without even meaning to while entertaining and changing our way of thinking. I have to thank Mia for the opportunity to read this work of pure brilliance and beauty, not many people can do what you do and I’m honored that I got to read it for review. 

Plot Line - Thought provoking and intense.
Author's Writing Style - Flawless
Female Character - She is fearless and strong in ways I couldn't image. I loved Eden!
Male Character - Perfection! He was strong and protective but smart and caring. Sigh... Calder.
Plot Twist - Craziness! 
Laugh Factor - There were something's I laughed at but mostly it was a smile plastered on my face while I read. 
Cry Factor - Well... it is Mia. So... take that for what you will.
Violence - Yes but not unnecessary violence. 

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