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Book Reviews- - Drowning in Rapture/Clinging to Rapture by Megan D. Martin

I didn’t plan to become a stripper who performs live sex shows.  But that’s what happened. It’s what I do, and I’m good at it.  I was going to go on and do something with my life. I was going to be something more than just a piece of ass. But that’s not how it worked it out.  

Men don’t control me. Not anymore. Not until my best friend left and hecame into my life.

I don’t want lose myself and drown in another man. But I’m afraid it’s already too late.

**This book is intended for mature audiences only due to graphic depictions of sex and bad language.**



At eleven p.m. I stood center stage, my turquoise, jeweled outfit
glittering against my tan skin. Men and women alike stared hungrily at me
only feet away from the elevated stage. I knew what they were seeing. I’d
been in this business long enough to know what image I portrayed. I was the
mythical mermaid, with aqua hair. My body was perfect. No one could deny
that. I was curvy, not some stick figure like a lot of the girls who took
their clothes off for money. My thighs were thick, but toned. My stomach
was flat, an aqua blue ring hung from my belly button matching my waist
length hair. A half sleeve of tattoos covered my left arm, the bright
colors swirling around my bicep. The top I wore pushed the thick globes of
my fake breasts together. My permanently hard nipples pressed at the
bejeweled fabric. Glittering strands hung down from beneath my top and
brushed against the exposed flesh of my stomach. The skirt I wore was knee
length, and glittered as brightly as my top, concealing the sparkling
g-string beneath.

I’d stood here before a crowd of hungry patrons hundreds of times, but I
knew it would never get old. Victor’s face niggled at my brain.
Disappointment in missing my best friend swamped me, but I didn’t let it
consume me. I pushed it aside. I was the Jewel of the sea; losing my
Poseidon wouldn’t change anything. I would get through this dance with the
so-called Ripper and call Luke Masterson tomorrow, the owner of Rapture.
The millionaire would have a few choice words for Jimmy.

The electronica pop music kicked in and I jerked my hips to the side in a
quick motion, before bringing them full circle and running my hands through
my hair. It hung loose down my back and brushed against the top of my
skirt. The crowd hooted in front of me, and a man yelled out something lewd
that I ignored. The thrum of the beat picked up and I turned my body around
in a fluid movement giving the crowd a view of my thick backside covered in
the tight skirt. Groans from the crowd followed. I shook my ass, holding my
arms above my head. The music built in cadence picking up with each second,
spiraling through me like an orgasm.

*Yes!* Pink and blue hues of florescent light flickered across my skin. The
cheers from the crowd started to fade away as I let *instinct *take over.
At least that’s what I called it. There was something about music that just
sucked me in, pulled me down into its suffocating depths and made me its
own, where I focused on nothing but that hot pulsing beat as it shattered
around me.

When the tempo dropped my body did as well as I bent at the knees, my back
arching like I was going under a limbo bar on the lowest level. I tilted my
head back knowing full well I was giving the crowd an enticing view of my
cleavage. Touching my hand to my mouth, I blew them a kiss from my
bubblegum pink lips.

On the next thunder of music I was standing up writhing my body away from
the crowd to the massive clear bowl at center stage. It was about six
months into my gig dancing at Rapture that someone came up with the glass
bowl idea. I was Rapture’s Jewel of the sea, so naturally I should writhe
in a giant glittering bowl of baby oil.

I climbed to the top of the clear steps and walked into the bowl. My feet
sank into the oil. The silky touch of the liquid comforted me. I twirled
around the pole in the center just as more oil fell from a spout above, to
shower my chest and below in its glistening substance. The actual container
only had a few inches of oil in the bottom. It would be half-way full by
the time I finished. I shed my skirt slowly, letting it slide off my
slickening thighs. The spout coated me in the warm oil and I gave myself
over, letting the music own my body. The thick beat thrummed through my
veins. It engulfed me completely, like meeting a long lost lover after
years apart, ravaging me from the inside out until I was nothing but slick
writhing cells.

I didn’t come back to myself until the music started to ebb, signaling the
end of my dance. This was usually when Victor came out to join me, entering
from stage left. He would be shirtless, wearing pants that matched my
outfit with a gold pitchfork in his hand, like Poseidon the Greek god of
the sea. The idea behind the whole scene was that I was some precious jewel
Poseidon had discovered on the bed of the ocean floor, and now he had come
to ravish me. Tonight I didn’t know what to expect.

Our Reviews...

 Jaymee's Review

5 Stars

Let me just start off by saying I absolutely LOVED this book, it was sexy, captivating and had plenty of twists! It is a novella and the first in a trilogy so it does have a cliff hanger ending and I can't wait to see what happens next. Megan had me hooked from the very first page of this absolutely addictive read. I couldn't stop reading once I started, I had no idea what was going on around me because I was totally engrossed in the story. She really knows how to suck you into a plot and keep you on the edge of your seat. This story was very suspenseful because you just know in your gut that not everything is what it seems but when the truth comes out you will be shocked! 

I don't even know where to begin with Cole and Julia, they are both such captivating characters. I loved Julia and her no nonsense attitude toward stripping and sex, she does what she needs to do and that's that. She was forced out of her old life but she pushed through and is taking care of herself the best way she knows how. I absolutely adore strong and sassy heroines and that is exactly what Julia is. I felt a little sorry for her and the way she thought of herself sometimes but I'm really hoping Cole will help to change that somehow! Cole, The Ripper, is another stripper who basically barges into Julia life when she is not expecting it. Let me just say the first scene between the two of them.. holy hotness! It was mind blowing. Cole is very mysterious but he obviously sees more in her than she sees in herself, he wants to know her, the real her, not the stripper. There seems to be much more going on there than I could first imagine. 

I can't say too much without ruining the story but trust me the author takes you on quite the roller coaster ride throughout the story and the ending will leave you begging for the next installment in the series!

Storyline: addictive
Female Characters: Sassy
Male Characters: Mysterious!
Author's Writing Style: Awesome, can't put it down!
Plot Twists: jaw dropping!
Laugh Factor: not much
Cry Factor: not really
Steam Factor: ON FIRE!
Violence: none really


Melissa's Review

5 Stars!!
Drowning in Rapture had me drowning in is THAT HOTT!!  This book is filled with some of the hottest sex I have read, period!  I was completely engrossed from sentence one.  It's hard to give many details of the story but I'll try my best... here goes.
So Julia is a stripper who performs with her bestie at Rapture and once a month they perform a live sex show for an obscene amount of money.  Unfortunately, he is moving away to the Big Apple and leaving her all alone.  Her new partner, The Ripper (yes, you read that correctly), shows up on stage hooded and does crazy things to her body (good things but still) all without ever giving up his identity.  Eventually, Cole (The Ripper) does show his face and turns out only has eyes for Julia but she has a strict NO DATING STRIPPERS policy (kinda ironic, right?) ... Anyway, as the story goes on there are some MAJOR revelations, obviously ones I can not discuss here, but TRUST ME, you will be floored!  You will not see them coming and then you get and ending that leaves your heart ripped out and an epilogue that leaves you begging for more!!  (Sorry I was so vague but I don't do spoilers!!)
Oh Megan D. Martin, you are a naughty thing...  This book is seriously blush worthy. You could seriously double as a porn writer and I mean that as the biggest compliment.  The sex scenes were that good!  But it wasn't just about that... The story line was AHHMAZING!  The twist you hit us not only blindsided me but made me want to high five you!  I love plot twists that make me stop and say "SHUT UP!!!"  You also gave us two strong ass characters! (am I allowed to say ass?) So, Cole (The Ripper) was completely Alpha and OMG sexy but Julia was definitely not taking anything from anyone.  They were a lot alike but at the same time complimented each other nicely.  Their back stories were both sad and I every time Julia questioned her worth I wanted to shake her but all in all they are awesome characters, I mean come on, no one is perfect.
             As far as Megan goes, not only is she an AWESOME chick but she is a stellar author!  
Her work proves that!  Her words flow perfectly and I promise you that once you pick up this book you won't put it down until it's over!  When we signed up for her blog tour, the synopsis caught my eye but I hadn't read anything by her before.  Once I finished this book I messaged my co-blogger, Jaymee and told her how awesome it was and recommend she read it too.  Not only did she agree but we are now both LIFE LONG MEGAN D. MARTIN FANS!!!  You rock our socks Megan!! 

Storyline: sucked me right in!
Female Character: Sexy & Strong
Male Character: ALPHA
Author's Writing Style: Smooth
Plot Twist: Twisty
Laugh Factor: eh...
Cry Factor: eh...
Steam Factor:  I'm still blushing
Violence: not really

“I let you walk away, Julia. I let you go, but I can still take you back if I want.”

Four months ago I ran away. I left him behind. The man who stalked me, took control of my body, and claimed he loved me.

Now he’s returned. Like dripping razor blades, he has slashed his way back into my life. But everything is different. 

He doesn’t want me anymore.

I expected him to come back, to be sorry. I even planned to forgive him. I should have known that he would discard me like everyone else in my life. But I’m going to change that.

My billionaire stalker has come to say goodbye…only this time I plan to keep him.



I rolled my eyes and followed her. The couple was making their way through

the ballroom to a roped-off area in the center of the room. A glass table

covered in sparkling jewels lay in the center of the roped-off area. I
raised my eyebrows. *Is this for real? *It seemed like a play-room for a
Disney princess. Not a place where two people were going to fuck.

“Come on!” Elaine snatched my hand and pulled me forward right next to the
rope, not caring that she was shoving people out of the way.

People all around us were whispering about what was going to happen. “Are
they really going to have sex?”

“Do you think he’ll be rough?”

“Will it be as hot as their stage dances?”

The couple finally came into view and I nearly laughed at the sight of
them. They were as ridiculous—more so, even—as the bejeweled table they
were going to fuck on. The guy held a gold trident in one hand. Blue
shimmery pants covered his legs and he didn’t wear a shirt. His free hand
was clasped around the slender fingers of a woman with azure colored hair
that hung to her waist. A dress with gems of all different shades of blue
wrapped around her tight, curvy body, dipping low between two thick breasts
and split high up one tanned thigh.

I wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of her outfit, but I found my mouth
gaping at the sight of her. I had never seen someone with a body quite like
that. She seemed to be round in all the right places. Her tits threatening
to burst through the top, her ass thick, pressing hard at the seams of her
dress. Her skin was a perfect tan contrast to her light blue hair and
sparkling gems that seemed to be painted on her form. A colorful
half-sleeve of tattoos decorated one of her arms. My cock awoke in my
pants. *The fuck? *

The Poseidon guy leaned in and whispered something in her ear. She glanced
up at him and flashed a quick, nervous smile. White teeth were revealed
beneath bubblegum pink lips. A shiver ran down my body. The urge to climb
over the rope and snatch her away from him bubbled beneath my skin.

*What’s going on with me? *I shook my head, but I didn’t look away from
her. I couldn’t. I was trapped.

Poseidon led her to the glass surface and had her sit. Music came to life
overhead. The sound was soft, simple. He reached down and slipped a clear
glass heel off her foot. I frowned. A woman like that needed to be fucked
with her shoes on. But I watched him remove them. After he tossed them
aside, he trailed his fingers up the inside of her silky thigh. He was only
inches away from spreading her legs and revealing her pussy to the room.

My fingers started aching and I realized I’d been squeezing them into a
fist. I pushed the hand into my jacket pocket and took a deep breath,
easing it out slowly.

*Is her pussy shaved? As pink as her lips? *My mind raced.

Poseidon stopped inches away from her center. He didn’t push up her dress,
instead he trailed his fingers back down her thigh. I fought the urge to
groan as a collective sound of grunting rose around me. For the first time
I pulled my gaze away and eyed the crowd. Men and women alike were focused
on the couple in the center of the room. Men with millions of dollars eyed
them, hungry gazes spread across faces of all ages, young and old. Some of
them even pressed at the front of their pants, no doubt trying the hide
their boners.

Disgust rose in my gut and softened my partially hardened cock. This was
ridiculous. *Why the fuck am I here?*

I glanced down at Elaine. She stood just in front of me, her body pressed
against the velvet rope that separated us from them. I couldn’t see her
face, but I imagined what it looked like. Her red lips were probably
parted, her eyes wide with arousal. She always liked porn, more than I did
sometimes. I leaned down to whisper in her ear, to tell her I was leaving
with or without her, but a moan from the crowd killed the words in my

I glanced back at the scene before me; my knees nearly buckled when I was
greeted with the sight of the woman’s pert breasts. Bright pink nipples
stood out against her tan skin. She ran her hands over them, squeezing,
before letting them bounce free. My cock kicked in my pants, instantly
coming back to life.

Poseidon, his dark hair concealing one eye, leaned in and took one nipple
into his mouth. Jewel let her head fall back as if it was the best feeling
in the world. I clenched my fists again. Sharp anger ripped though me.

*I don’t like this. *But I couldn’t stop watching. It was as if I was
transfixed by sight of her there on the table. I was trapped by her body,
by something. I didn’t know what it was, but it held me captive.

I watched him take her dress off and spread her pretty thighs. He revealed
her shaved cunt, pinker, prettier than I thought it would be. I watched him
suck her pussy into his mouth, then she got on her knees and took his dick
between her lips. I watched all of it. My fists clenched inside my jacket
pockets. Sweat beaded on my neck. The urge to jump the rope and jerk her
away from him grew with each passing second. I couldn’t describe it. The
feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced. And it wasn’t just that I
wanted her away from him. I wanted to punch that guy over and over until he
was bleeding all over the floor.

And then I would take her away. *I *would play with her little pink pussy,
and after she came on my tongue over and over until her legs shook and her
voice was hoarse, *then* I would fuck her.

“Please, Poseidon. Fuck me!” She was on her knees in front him, her chest
heaving, her chin slick with saliva from sucking his cock. She moaned the
words, but she didn’t mean them. I could tell. She was nervous; she wasn’t
a woman lost in passion, but resigned to her position.

A growl escaped my lips. Only one person glanced my way at the sound. *Her.
*I really saw her then, this goddess-like creature on her knees in front of
a man, his hard cock pressed against her cheek. I expected to see sadness
there, maybe some sort of vulnerability. But I didn’t. There was a fire
burning inside those crystal blue irises. It engulfed me, sucking me in
until I was lost. And then she looked away as if the last few seconds
hadn’t happened at all. As if she didn’t feel the tenacious pull that I
did. *Impossible. *

Our Reviews...

Jaymee's Review

5 Stars

Clinging to Rapture is the second novella in the Rapture series, the books must be read in order! I would have given this book more than five stars if I could, Megan Martin really gave her all in this book. I absolutely loved the first one but I thought this one was even better. To say that this book is full of surprises would be a huge understatement, this book twists and turns in ways I was totally unprepared for! Every single time I thought I could predict what would happen next I couldn't have been more wrong, don't even bother trying to guess what is going on just let the author take you on an amazing ride, it will be worth it. 

This novel, well the whole series actually, is a thrilling combination of romance and suspense which are two of my favorite things in a book! The author keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what is in store for poor Julia and Cole. Within the first few pages of the book Megan delivers quite the twist, you think things are going a certain way but she pulls the rug right out from under you and leaves you reeling in shock. It's been a long time since I've read a book that had be quite so spell bound from start to finish. While the first book was all in Julia's point of view I was pleasantly surprised that the author used alternating POV in this book. Cole's perspective were all from the two years he watched Julia and Julia filled the reader in on the present day. I loved the back and forth and I loved being inside Cole's head while he loved her from afar!

As with the last one I truly loved Julia, she is strong and stubborn as hell. We find out more about her past in this book and the things she has overcome made me love her a million times more. The fact that she isn't horribly bitter and jaded is amazing. I felt so bad for her at certain points but she kept pulling through and moving forward. Her relationship with Cole is not an easy one, in fact I'm beginning to wonder how things will work out for them at all! Cole is even more complex than I first imagined, there are some hints to his past in this novel that are nothing short of shocking and heart breaking. The way he goes about things with Julia were creepy but his love is real and strong, he chose to let her go but will they stay apart? They go through hell and back in Clinging to Rapture and I really hope they can overcome everything that is thrown at them. 

The ending of this novel made me want to rip out all my hair because I desperately need to know what is going to happen next!! Megan Martin is a brilliant author who grabs the reader with the very first words and doesn't let them go. The plot of this novel is far from simple and kept me guessing which I loved, I can't wait for the conclusion of this incredibly addictive series

Storyline: Amazing, attention grabbing
Female Characters: Strong
Male Characters: Mysterious, obsessive, loving
Author's Writing Style: terrific
Plot Twists: Holy Crap!
Laugh Factor: Minimal
Cry Factor: some sad parts but I didn't cry
Steam Factor: pretty hot
Violence: quite a bit 

Melissa's Review

Clinging to Rapture had me clinging to my heart and the edge of my seat.  Megan D. Martin's second book in the Rapture trilogy was even better than the first (if you can believe it)... It was sexy, yes, but the plot was darker and WAY more messed up.  It gave us a glimpse into Cole's obsession with Julia with a series of flashbacks that made us understand why he did what he did to get where he got.  So once again I will try to make you see what I mean...
So Julia walked away after Cole bared his soul and now here she is 4 months later working a less than mediocre job while trying her best to put on a happy face while tending to a broken heart.  One night while at work she is met face to face with Cole but.... he isn't there to beg for her..No no, he is there with another woman and she has a ring on her finger...(Oh no he didn't)... So yea there's that AND she also finds herself in a really dangerous situation (like LIFE THREATENING, NEAR DEATH, OMG SITUATION) but once again in come Cole to protect her (I'm being really vague because I have to be but ya gotta trust me on this one... you will thank me later)... So now they have to figure out who put her wants to hurt Julia and Cole has made it her personal mission to not only uncover the mystery but keep her safe all while keeping his 
f-f-f-fiance (it pains me to call her that) happy....Will they figure it out before it's too late or is the person closer than they think?
Oh jeeze, Megan... what have you done to me??  I almost needed to purchase a new kindle because of the ending to this one... I had to stop myself mid throw.  WHAT A CLIFF HANGER!  So yea, this book doesn't have the exact same steam factor as the first book but it has so much more.  The story line is incredible!  The alternating POV's gave me exactly what I needed to truly understand Cole's feelings for Julia.  Now, while he definitely earned his #creepstatus on numerous occasion you could tell that his feelings are genuine and hey, who am I to tell someone how to fall in love?  My girl Julia grew so much as a person in this book.  I love her!  While she is definitely still nursing some old wounds, she finally began to open up and let the healing begin.  Just hearing about her past make my heart bleed though, I can not lie.  
I cheered for Cole and Julia through the whole book so yes, there were times where this book was on my last nerve but in a GOOD way.. That whole fluffy love thing gets old.  The drama, suspense and twists of this book earned every single one of the 5 stars I gave it!
Megan, seriously, you are a rockstar!! :)

Storyline: Sooo Good
Female Character: Stronger by the second
Male Character: Obsessive but in a good way
Author's Writing Style: Love her!
Plot Twist: Holy Bananas!!
Laugh Factor: Virtually None
Cry Factor: I may have welled a bit
Steam: Sexy
Violence: Oh yea...

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Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks

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