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Book Review - - Surviving Love by Ada Frost

Jaymee's Review...

5 Stars

Surviving Love by Ada Frost is the very definition of a five star read. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down, within the first few pages I knew this book was going to break my heart and hopefully put it back together again. Every other chapter had tears in my eyes, you'll see what I mean when you read it. While this is the second book in the Surviving series it can be read as a stand alone. I do recommend reading Elemental Fear first though, for two reasons. One: it is beyond amazing and I loved it and Two: it will make you love the characters even more than if you read Surviving Love on its own. When I read Elemental Fear I adored Johan and Louise and was thrilled they got their own book. 

Ada Frost has an amazing ability to portray intense emotion and pull the reader into they story, I was right there alongside the characters feeling the terror, the fear, the love and everything in between. This book deals with some very sensitive issues including extreme child abuse but the author has perfected the delicate balance of giving the background and letting the reader in on the horrible details without being too graphic. Johan is a damaged man and there were more than a few scenes that ripped my heart right out. The story is told through alternating points of view and also alternating between the past and the present, Ada did this flawlessly without any confusion and it gives the reader the ultimate experience of these amazing characters. Louise is one tough cookie, that is the only way I can honestly describe her, she is so strong and a truly sweet and wonderful human being. The relationship between these two characters can only be described as pure, true love. There are so many instances that made me fall head over heels for Johan and you'll just have to read the book to find them out (the redecorating was my personal favorite!)! Johan's innocence and insecurity made him so endearing and Louise's sass and understanding made her his other half, together they made the perfect team. 

Surviving Love is an incredible combination of heart breaking and heart warming, it took me on quite an emotional ride to the lowest lows and the ultimate highs. The characters are just so real its almost like they could walk right off the page and it makes the emotion so much more intense because you completely relate to them. This book also took some very unexpected turns that left me staring at my kindle in total shock! I mean they are things that never even occurred to me as a possibility and that's hard to do. Then the ending, oh the ending, I won't say what happens but it could not have been more perfect. I also enjoyed the little hint toward the next novel, no cliff hanger but at the end you'll know who the next one will be about and I can't wait to read it! 

This is Ada's second book and after reading her first one I knew I loved her gripping writing style, the way she writes her characters and the level of emotion in her books. After reading her second I can confidently say she is one of my new favorite authors and I hope she writes many, many more books! 

Storyline: completely engrossing
Female Characters: strong and spunky
Male Characters: damaged, sweet
Author's Writing Style: perfection
Plot Twists: wild!
Laugh Factor: minimal but occasional!
Cry Factor: a few tears practically every other page! 
Steam Factor: pretty hot
Violence: child abuse, domestic and sexual, not too graphic though

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Louise Beaumont is renowned for her sharp wit, smart

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Johan Senior is broken. A man with a deeply

traumatic past, shadows and monsters haunt his every waking hour. That is until
a heavenly angel is sent in the form of a loud mouthed chestnut haired vixen,
who threatens his manhood countless times. But his heart grabs onto her and
refuses to let her go. The only problem is, his mind needs to allow him the
pleasure of human touch, and to take that terrifying step of allowing someone
into his heart.

Part of the Surviving series but can be read as a

standalone novel.


What to say about myself...I don't really have anything interesting to offer
other than I love to read, and create stories for others to enjoy. I've always
been told I have a vivid imagination, I just lacked the confidence to pursue
putting it onto the the written page. But finally I embarked on making a single
dream come true.

love to read, and write. I only read romance, any genre really, but it has to

have a beautiful romance. I also demand a HEA, even if it takes two or three
books to get there. Reality is too broken and jaded without having to live
through the trauma and angst in a book for it to end unhappily.

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