Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Review - - Rain Shadows 3 by Tess Oliver

4 Stars
Rain Shadow Book 3 is the third book out of five is the Barringer Brother series by Tess Oliver. All five books must be read in order to get the full story of Luke and Angel. This whole series will have you on the edge of your seat between the hot romance, the dangers of the motorcycle club and Angel's psychotic grandfather who is president of the MC there is never a dull moment. Book 3 picks up right where book two left off, I can't say too much without giving away spoilers so this review might be a little brief! 

Each book is short but action packed and this one was no exception! Luke is as tough as ever and will stop at nothing to get back to the woman he loves only nothing is going according to plan. Poor Angel continuously goes from one bad situation to another in her quest to free herself and move on with her life. There were parts of this book that had me cursing my kindle on her behalf, she deserves a chance and not one damn thing ever seems to go her way. She is such a strong, caring, sweet character who keeps pushing forward even when she doesn't seem to have a chance. I love that about her, she will never give up no matter how bleak things seem. We get to see another side of Luke in this book, he is back home and at the DEA doing everything in his power to get justice for Dex and to find Angel. If its possible I love him even more now! We also get to know his brothers a little bit and they end up playing an important role in Luke and Angel's lives, I like them already, especially Seth! The author has an amazing ability when it comes to creating and writing her characters, they feel so real and I really hope we get to know Luke's brothers better over the next books. 

This book had some killer twists and suspense, the talented Tess Oliver really knows how to keep a reader captivated and how to blow our minds! There were a few twists, especially concerning the grandfather that I NEVER saw coming. At one point I was sure it was all over for one of our characters but then again nothing is as it seems. I feel as though this novel was extra suspenseful because there is definitely something big coming, i could feel it especially at the end. Things seemed to quiet down but I'm sure that all hell is going to break loose in the next book. Tess has definitely gained a life long reader in me, I love this series so far and can't wait to see what happens!

Storyline: suspenseful!
Female Character: Fighter, resilient
Male Character: Strong, determined, loves fully
Author's Writing Style: detailed, well developed
Plot Twists: full of them!
Laugh Factor: none
Cry Factor: none
Steam Factor: hot but not too many scenes
Violence: some

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