Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Review - - Sexed into Submission by Julie Bales


***Contains BDSM material. Intended for mature audience*** 
This isn’t your typical love story. This is a fast pace, set-your-panties-ablaze, erotic read. It is NOT intended for the easily offended. 

Early in life, I learned that trust can’t be given and love doesn’t truly exist. Sure, maybe it exists in fairytales, but this is real life and it’s ugly. Love, lust, anger, and joy, emotions, in general, are for the weak and I don’t do them. 

I’m a hell-on-heels heartbreaker who can’t be tamed, or so I thought. This dominating, possessive, and sinfully sexy piece of man storms into my life and his only mission is to break me down like a house of cards caught in the middle of a windstorm. Ryder is shaking my world, flipping it upside down, and stirring my emotions like a hurricane. I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before and doing things I normally don’t do. His touch, his presence, they leave me drunk on sin and thirsty for more.

This man, Ryder, he’s the type of man who once you’ve met, there’s no forgetting him. He’s the antidote that gets me by. We have a fatal attraction, and nothing good can come from it. All good things must come to an end, and it’s only a matter of time before we discover if what we’re sharing is a blessing or curse. 

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Melissa's Review

4.5 Stars
**ARC Provided by Julie Bailes in exchange for an honest review**

What's that saying...? Some like it hott?? Well, Julie Bailes most certainly falls into that catagory.  Sexed into Submission was so friggen hott... There is no other way to describe it!  From word one, this book was lived up to its title but it was so much more.  The plot was AMAZING and in pure Julie Bailes styles so left me wanting more when it was over.  
Ryder and Piper were the perfect pair.  Where one lacked the other made up for it.  Their chemistry was almost tangible and when Ryder started whispering his Spanish sweet nothings... WOW... that is absolutely all I can say about that.  I loved how Piper put on a tough front but inside she was a typical girl.  She, sometimes let her feelings get the best of her and that did put her in some dangerous situations but hey, if I had to deal with some of the things she had to deal with, I would probably react the same way.  Ryder's super possessive side was kind of sweet.  You could tell that he cared for Piper even when he was "punishing" her.  There is so much more I would love to tell you about them but for fear of spoiling something I will stop there.
I fell in love with Julie Bailes writing style during the first book of the Shaken Series (#TeamWyatt) and was so honored when she sent me the ARC for this book.  Ok, ok, I totally stalked her facebook through the entire writing process  of Sexed into Submission because I just needed more of her writing.  Sometimes you find an author who sticks with you and Julie is definitely one of those authors for me!  
Between the plot twists, BDSM and love this book seriously took me places I wasn't expecting.  I finished it in about 3 hours because I simply could not put it down.  Once I was sucked into the world of Ryder and Piper, I didn't want to leave.  I hope you guys feel the same way!!

Storyline: great!
Female Characters: strong and submissive
Male Characters: possessive and sexy
Author's Writing Style: LOVE
Plot Twists: well done
Laugh Factor: minimal
Cry Factor: none really
Steam Factor: STEAMY
Violence: Definite


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