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Book Review - - Breathe by Elena Dillon


Jasmine’s life wasn't normal for a 16 year old girl. It hadn't been normal since the murder of her older sister, Daisy, two years ago. Her life had been changed forever. The monster that murdered Daisy was never caught. That was the reason her family decided to move away from their hometown in Southern California, to start over. Hopefully in a place where the last name Rourke wouldn’t bring on staring or judgment or morbid curiosity.

In Lafayette, Louisiana things are quite a bit different but in a good way. Good manners, Cajun accents and a whole lot of Southern Hospitality all make her think things are going in the right direction. On top of that the most gorgeous boy she has ever met is interested in her. Her new friends are better than she could have hoped for even if she is worried about what they might think when they find out who she is. Life would be perfect if odd things didn't keep happening. Creepy phone calls, texts, and flowers in her locker start adding up quickly to something terrifying. Could the Monster have followed them to Lafayette? Was he coming after her this time? Maybe she was just worrying unnecessarily…or not.

Jaymee's Review
**Arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

5 Stars

Breathe by Elena Dillon is the first book in the breather series but it is a stand alone novel. It is a high school romance but it is also a suspenseful thriller. I'm always a little hesitant going into high school romance stories, the characters can be very juvenile because they're high school students but sometimes they are mature and wise beyond their years. This book is about a young girl named Jasmine who had to grow up way too fast after her older sister was murdered. Her attitude toward life and high school drama were mature, she'd been through such a horrible tragedy that she had no time for typical childish things. She had also never been able to date so after her family picks up and moves to Lafayette she, literally, falls into the arms of the high school quarterback. Easton is a total dream, if there had been boys like that at my high school I would have thrown myself at them! He's gorgeous, charming, polite and just an absolute wonderful guy. He is also devoted and hadn't dated much because he was just searching for the right girl. If all southern guys are that polite and charming then I might have to move!

Their romance is an intense whirlwind and they are just adorable together but sometimes things are just too good to be true. Jasmine had been getting mysterious texts, phone calls and gifts. She dismisses them as pranks but there is something more to them. You'll have to read the book to find out what! I loved the mystery/suspense plot of this book, i was literally on the edge of my seat. About halfway through the book changes from sweet romance to hardcore suspense and I knew I wouldn't be putting this book down until I finished. Of course Jasmine does some stupid things but when I really thought about it, I'm not sure if I would have done anything differently. She had hard choices to make and did what she thought was right, isn't that all we can ever do? Easton is not a man to be messed with if he is worried about his girl, he will do anything to help her, no matter what. Of course some of these things were a bit far fetched but isn't that what a good book should be? There were definitely some dramatic turns of events!

There was not one thing I would change about this book. While, thankfully, I have never known anyone who was murdered I felt that the author did an amazing job of portraying the possible after effects of such a tragedy. Jasmine's panic attacks, the mother's fears and actions and poor sweet little Lily's worries all seemed to fit perfectly with the situation. The relationship between Lily and her younger brother was absolutely adorable as well. I felt that all the characters were realistic and well developed. I honestly loved Jasmine, she was only a teenager but she was strong, brave and able to do what needed to be done no matter what she personally felt. I can't say enough good things about this novel, just go read it!

Storyline: Riveting
Female Character: relate-able
Male Character: Southern sweetheart!
Author's Writing Style: completely engrossing
Plot Twists: perfect
Laugh Factor: none really
Cry Factor: some sad parts but nothing sob worthy
Steam Factor: minimal
Violence: some, nothing too graphic

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About The Author...

Elena lives and writes in a suburb North of Los Angeles. She has never lived 
anywhere besides California which is probably a good thing since she hates being 
cold and is terrified to drive in the snow. She loves being a wife and a mother to her 
three kids and three dogs, although really the bulldog is the fourth child who has 
never matured beyond the toddler stage. 

A self-proclaimed nerd, she has been writing since she was a child. She has only 
recently, however, come out of the closet about this to her family and friends. They 
now understand better, but not completely, why she talks about characters in 
stories as if they are real people. 

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