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Book Review - - Crave a Diamond & The Devil Novella by Bonnie Bliss

Melissa's Review...
**ARC Provided by Bonnie Bliss in exchange for an honest review**

4 Stars

So Crave was super crazy for me.  The entire plot was sometime I had never even imagined.  Bonnie Bliss went way over the top with this one but it was actually quite entertaining.

This book has two things that I absolutely adore... A completely head strong female and a super Alpha male. I have never read two characters that are such forces.  Elizabeth's fate had been decided many, many years before she was born.  She was sold to to devil in exchange for wealth.  But Elizabeth was not willing to just accept this.  She would not become the bride of the Devil.  She finds help from a strange in a forum on the internet who vows to help her, but will he be able to?  I mean, we are talking about getting away from the Devil.  The Lord of the underworld.  The Master of Hell, if you will.  It seems like a pretty big feat.

Crave has some of the most sexually explicit scenes I have ever read.  I mean, I have read a lot of books but this one takes the cake.  The description in this book is unbelievable.  Bonnie Bliss was able to paint vivid pictures with her words.  There was never a time that I couldn't visualize exactly what I was reading.  The flow of the story was really great and it was a quick read.  I am really interested to see where this story ends up.  I am half cheering for Elizabeth to get away but at the same time I half want her to end up with the Devil because it seems like the sex would be outrageous.  (lol)  Great job, Bonnie!! Please don't keep us waiting too long for the second book!!

Storyline: Crazy
Female Characters: A Force
Male Characters: Alpha- The Devil
Author's Writing Style: descriptive
Plot Twists:  interesting
Laugh Factor: well, it is kind of ironic but not really funny
Cry Factor: none
Steam Factor: Oh man... It's pretty hott
Violence: umm.. depends on how you look at it

A deal was made centuries ago. 

The deal was for the first born in each generation. 

The soul of that woman was owned from birth by the ultimate beast.

The Devil. 

Elizabeth Cromwell knew growing up that she was different. The day her parents failing business suddenly took a turn for the better in an economy where it shouldn’t have. She was told of her fate. She was owned by the Devil. From the day of her birth she had no future. 

It was his. 

Unwilling to give into the rough seductions of the ultimate evil—she ran. Living in a convent in the secluded town of Neive, Italy, with only the aid of faceless man over the computer—she hides. 

Until the day he finds her. 

Sex. Lies. Betrayal. 

The fight for her Soul and future begins now. 

*This story is not for the faint of heart. This is considered a Dark Romance between two people that should never happen. It contains content which may be deemed inappropriate for some readers.*

Genre: Dark Erotica 

Age Group: 18+
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Bonnie Bliss is the brain child of two authors. Bonnie is a husband and wife duo who have come together to weave stories of passion, action, betrayal, and ultimate surrender. They have discovered that mixing genres is their thing. Their tastes go dark, and they love to twist up sweet stories and make them a bit more tense and sexy. Bonnie writes in multiple genres with plans to dabble into more areas of fiction. 

One is a Southern California native, the other was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. The husband spends his time giving the wife alpha males with bite. He is a man that needs to see his world in print. He has a panty melting accent, loves listening to music, watching Game of Thrones, and obsessing over Heisenberg. The wife spends her time writing strong women that evolve into their power, they don’t just come out guns blazing. She claims the song California Girls, by Katy Perry is totally accurate. She’s done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—before finding her way into the publishing world with her husband.

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