Saturday, September 6, 2014

Book Review - - Rain Shadows 4 by Tess Oliver

Dreygon Sharpe is more determined than ever to get Angel back to the Bedlam MC compound. Even if it means killing a few people along the way. Luke is willing to risk anything to keep Angel safe. And he soon discovers that sometimes rather than trying to outrun a madman, it's easier just to face him head on.

Rain Shadow Book 4 of 5

ARC Provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review

4 Stars

Rain Shadow Book 4 by Tess Oliver is the fourth in a series that must be read in order. This series is packed full of action, mystery and romance and the fourth book is no exception. The first half is a little less action packed but our characters did deserve a little bit of peace and quiet after all they've been through! I loved Luke in the first three books but I'm going to be honest and say I wanted to kill him in this one. I understand his desire to protect Angel but she is the daughter of Dreygon Sharpe and she did grow up in an MC compound! She is far from a fragile little flower but Luke keeps making the same dumb mistakes, treating her like she is going to fall apart and hiding things from her. Fortunately Angel keeps proving him wrong and putting him in his place which made me love her more. She is one tough cookie and it seems as though nothing is going to bring her down. She faces each terrible situation head on and when most people would be hiding their head in the sand she continues to hold her own. I do love the relationship between her and Luke, when he's not being an idiot, they are so obviously in love and they having scorching hot chemistry and can't keep their hands off of each other.

Dreygon Sharpe is a character I seriously love to hate! He is so well created and the perfect villain for this series. He is devious, manipulative and brilliant but crazy. There is some major reason that he wants Angel back so badly and I'm dying to know what exactly is going on with him. Alot of crazy stuff goes on in this book which is no surprise but the ending absolutely blew my mind. It was the kind of ending that leaves your jaw hanging open and you can't do anything but stare at your kindle blankly while you attempt to process what the hell just happened. Hopefully Tess won't keep us waiting too long to find out what is in store for our characters!! 

Storyline: love it!
Female Character: Warrior, unbreakable
Male Character: sweet but way over protective
Author's Writing Style: creative, well developed 
Plot Twists: Holy Crap!!
Laugh Factor: occasional
Cry Factor: none
Steam Factor: HOT
Violence: some mentioned, nothing too graphic

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